meet the maker

My name is Melissa and I am the owner of True Warrior Jewelry.

About three years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis. I had to undergo surgery and various treatments. The surgery left me without my fallopian tubes. My husband and I were newly married, and devastated as we wanted a little baby of our own and fertility treatment was our only option.

I underwent a few rounds of IVF, which included hormone treatment, daily doctor’s appointments and blood tests, hundreds of needles to my tummy and various surgical procedures. IVF didn't seem to be working on it's own, so I researched holistic treatments. And that is where I discovered the power of crystals! I read that Moonstone and Rose Quartz were excellent stones for fertility, so I went out, bought some beads and made my own fertility bracelet. And guess what? I became pregnant during the round of IVF where I wore the fertility bracelet I had made. During this time, a few girls I worked with were going through the same thing as me, and they asked me to make them bracelets as well. They then wanted bracelets for their friends and family, who wanted some for their friends and family and so on.

Fast forward a few months... my pregnancy landed me in the hospital on a few occasions for bleeding and early contractions. And after only being pregnant for 6 1/2 months, my little boy decided it was time to come out. He was born premature at only 30 weeks, weighing just 3lbs. We spent weeks and weeks in the hospital's NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit. This was a very trying time for both myself and my husband. I already suffer from anxiety and the circumstance surrounding my son's birth was making me even more anxious, as we didn't know if he was going to be okay, or when we would be allowed to take him home or even hold him (I wasn't allowed to even hold him for a few weeks). So I turned to crystals again and made myself more jewelry to keep myself grounded and calm. I nicknamed my little man my True Warrior, because that is exactly what he is. He's a strong willed little boy who pushed through. And I am happy to say that he is now a happy and healthy almost 3 year old boy!

Crystals helped me so much through this time. So when my son was finally released from the hospital I decided that I was going to turn this into a business, so that I can share the amazing properties of crystals with the rest of the world. And I named it after him, my little warrior.


A few years later we decided to try and give my son a sibling. I again underwent surgery and IVF to conceive our second little warrior. I wore my crystal healing jewelry through the entire process. She came into this world the same week that New York City went into lockdown due to Covid. The day after she was born, I needed an emergency hysterectomy due to severe complications from the birth. It was a difficult time, but she was a light through all the darkness. I turned to crystals to help me heal through the trauma of her birth and of what was going on in our world.

I realized just how much crystal jewelry helped me during some of my most difficult times. And I hope my story and my jewelry can help others the way it has helped me. I am so grateful that I have been able to do this and I can't wait to spread the power of crystal jewelry with the rest of the world!


Our handmade crystal healing jewelry is made with the best intentions and with positive energy.

I hope that my jewelry can help you guys the same way it helped me!


Love & Light,


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